Oak Flooring Hardness

Oak Flooring Hardness. The hardness or density of the wood to withstand impact and denting. White oak, on the other hand, ranks at 1360 —and red oak is even lower at 1290.

White Oak William and Henry Wide Plank Floors
White Oak William and Henry Wide Plank Floors from williamandhenry.com

European white oak 1360 psi. While the complete janka hardness listings will reveal that there are some fairly hard softwoods and some relatively soft hardwoods, in the species most commonly used in. With a janka hardness of 2200, mahogany is 71 percent tougher than northern red oak, which is where it is typically harvested in south america.

White Oak William and Henry Wide Plank Floors

The flooring facts of red oak grain pattern. The grain pattern of red oak flooring is very distinct and usually has a larger variation in the shade of. Maple vs oak cost, maple is slightly cost friendly than oak with a price tag of $7 to $11 per square foot for materials and installation. With the janka wood hardness chart, it’s easy to compare the relative density of a red oak floor (1290 lbf) with the much harder hickory (1820 lbf) or the much softer eastern white pine (380.