Repairing Wood Floors Water Damage

Repairing Wood Floors Water Damage. Even a hair dryer can be helpful if the spot’s small enough. As many homeowners find out, restoring.

Repair Water Damaged Hardwood Floors
Repair Water Damaged Hardwood Floors from

An electric sander can be a great help when it comes to removing old varnish or paint from the. Wipe the affected area with a dry towel and clean it with a disinfectant. Next, you’ll start at the wall.

Repair Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

Damage to the wood flooring may vary depending on the amount of time the floor was wet. Buckets, brushes, rubber gloves, fans, shop vacuum, disinfectant, dehumidifier, and replacement flooring. After everything is dry, mix a mild detergent and disinfectant with water in a bucket. Use anything, but get the floor dry.