A Midsummer Night’s Dream#11

Apologies to William Shakespeare
Alberto Rugolotto

A Moon Base on Earth#11

The MercuryHouseOne Project
Arturo Vittori & Andreas Vogler


Lisa Hilton

Two pictures of Europe?#11

Fosco Bianchetti

Gian Antonio Stella ed il Grande Vecchio delle Morti Bianche#11

A theory on reverberating social networks
Samuele Liosca

Dandy in The Underworld#11

Excerpt from
Sebastian Horsley


Sebastian Horsley

Isabelle Ballu#10

Florence Müller,

Thank God!#10

Trading reason for life: the troubled epiphany of count Tolstoy
Lev Tolstoy

Thank Goodness!#10

What happens after a noted atheist philosopher undergoes harrowing emergency heart surgery? Does he have an epiphany? And whom does he thank? Some refl ections on life, prayer (other peoples’), and medicine
Daniel C. Dennet

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