Submitting your work

When the work is complete

  1. When your shoot is complete, please send us the pictures in PDF or JPG (or a link to download all the images) so we can choose the pictures. Please don’t send in a single “strip” format !
  2. If the pictures are sent as an email attachment, the total number of Bytes per email should be lower than 2 MB.
  3. You can propose a title and an intro text for your story, but we retain the final right to use what we deem appropriate. A title linked to the issue theme will be preferred.


  1. When your shoot is accepted we will ask for high resolution files of the images chosen for publication.
  2. For the same images we need the credits of anyone involved in the pictures/story. These need to be supplied in MS Word format, with an photo as reference.
  3. The credits should not be overly descriptive, but simply state what the item is a DRESS, SHOES, HAT, COAT etc, followed by the brand or designer. Please check that the cited clothing/articles are visible in the photos.
  4. Please note that we will only include a reference to the photographer’s website. No other website or email address will be printed.

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