Terms & conditions

  1. ‘Twill reserves the right to decide and change the date of publication.
  2. All post-production work will be carried out by the author.
  3. Whilst Twill believes in maintaining the authors artistic vision, but we reserve the rights to edit length, titles and page layout.
  4. All image rights are maintained by the author or nominated holder.
  5. We want electronic and print priority of the images. Any prior publication or intention by the author, or others, to publish material before Twill’s publishing date should be mutually agreed.
  6. Should ‘Twill incur any costs for the non-return of material, or its damage, these costs will be reimbursed to ‘Twill by any, or all, the people whose name appear in the pull letter.
  7. With the publication of printed works we obtain the implicit approval of the rights to publish the same works in an electronic format, not for commercial gain and with the author/s name cited.
  8. Upon request, we are happy to provide to the author print quality PDFs of the published story.

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